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Upgrade your heroes. Go to crusade. Earn crypto. Save the universe...or annihilate it?

Quest 1 Is Live!

Get a chance to receive a unique Legendary Void Hero!

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NFT Sale Is Coming!

Take a part in NFT Sale and get a chance to receive a beta-access!

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NFT Giveaway!

Join our social media and win CyberVoid Heroes!

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What is?

CyberVoid is an NFT game in a Cyberpunk setting that allows players to earn crypto assets in decentralized economy while playing, trading, competing or farming. Take control of fantastic legendary heroes, upgrade their body parts and send them to crusade to gain glory, loot, and tokens!

Collect Heroes

Collect dozens of highly detailed heroes and customize them to win

Grow Your Capital

Compete in PvE and PvP modes to win loot and tokens

Compete With Others

Earn real crypto while you enter crusade, trade heroes and parts, and farm yield

CyberVoid Heroes

3 races. 6 classes. 9 fractions. Dozens of Heroes with their own unique story

Become Early Adopter!

Take a part in the first CyberVoid NFT Sale at the end of December and receive fantastic prizes and privileges:

  • Chance to receive CyberVoid Game beta access!

  • Buy a Rare, Epic and Legendary hero with the lowest price and X2 chance!

  • Earn "Early Adopter" achievement that guarantees you free loot boxes on next NFT Sale!

  • Earn "Void Lord" achievement that will help you to earn more in the game from PvE and Yield Farming!

  • Take part in CyberVoid development and choose how the game will look!

Want to get Whitelisted?

We've developed special LORE-based quests for our community members who want to receive the CyberVoid Heroes without a risk. Just have fun, solve it and win your first CyberVoid NFT!

CyberVoid Game Concept

Exciting gameplay and P2E mechanics are finally together!

Gather Your Team

Choose from 30+ heroes to complete your team. You can win your heroes in a Hero Orb, buy them on the marketplace or win during the game!

Prepare for The Crusade

Upgrade your heroes level and quality. Find the best body parts and skins to unlock fantastic skills. Give them different equipment and potions to reach the depths of space!

Fight to Survive

Enter PvE mode with random-generated levels, enemy hordes and bosses to get the most valuable loot. Or try your skills in PvP mode and compete with other players to win a prize!

Collect Treasures

Collect tons of loot, parts, heroes and tokens from different game modes. Earn token rewards on AFK-Crusades with yield farming while you sleep!


Grow your heroes and sell them on the marketplace. Sell any loot you get in the game to other players as well. Earn crypto on farming and staking modes.

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